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Cormorants and a Heron

A big surprise for Glen when he found three Cormorants and a Heron watching over his dam

A slightly closer shot after one cormorant had left the party

Responses (4)

  1. Abirken says:

    Wow, Glen – what have you got in that dam? It looks like a queue outside a really great restaurant!

  2. tall timbers says:

    Great. Is that a white-faced Heron? I have just seen a White-necked Heron: apparently only occasionally seen in box-ironbark country and most often further north. Is it the dry spring that is bringing these birds closer to our water?

    • glehar says:

      I am thinking this is a white-necked heron – the white-faced heron is mainly a lighter grey bird with white around the eyes and under the beak.

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