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The Chewton Bushlands Association

Statement of Purpose

The  Association was incorporated in July, 2011 with the following Statement of Purpose:

The Chewton Bushlands Association Inc seeks to promote those aspects of community that are perceived to benefit residents as a whole, through activity and communication in the areas of:
• sustainability and environmental protection of flora and fauna
• safety, including fire protection
• infrastructure maintenance and development
• social networking.”

Committee and office holders 2022/23

Committee members elected at the AGM on Saturday 23 July 2022:
Charles Affleck (m: 0414 802 649), Karen Baker (m: 0439 714 665), Antoinette Birkenbeil, (m: 0414 802 738), Bonny Cassidy (m: 0417 252 004), Steve Charman (m: 0411 357 601), Scott Hall (m: 0413 931 232), Wayne Hollis (m: 0427 477 569), Bec Howell (e: becjhowell@gmail.com). 

Office holders elected:
Wayne Hollis (President), Steve Charman (Vice president), Antoinette Birkenbeil (Secretary), Karen Baker (Treasurer).

Model rules

We operate under Consumer Affairs Victoria’s Model Rules for an Incorporated Association



In 1974 a development began on a 300 acre property in central Victoria which was subsequently named the Chewton Bushlands.   The owner, Mr Brian Parsons, divided the area into 42 lots, each being somewhere between 5 and 10 acres.

Since then, the area has developed as a community of permanent and part-time residents.  The Bushlands has emerged as a unique off-the-grid neighbourhood.   Corporate activities have centred around social events such as the annual Christmas get together and other informal gatherings. In recent years a Community Fireguard network has been in operation with significant benefit to the community.

In  2007, an application to rezone a large property adjacent to the Bushlands brought together a group opposed to the rezoning.  At that time it was realised that there were many areas where the community could work together and that this could be best achieved through a semi-formal organisation.

On 4th April, 2008 the Chewton Bushlands Residents Association (CBRA) was formed, with similar objectives to those listed above for CBA Inc. The opposition to the rezoning application,which instigated the initial formation of the organisation, was specifically excluded from the agenda as it did not have unanimous support and hence was  a potential divisive issue.

Through the CBRA the Community Fireguard network has continued.  Gorse and blackberry removal and the supply of nesting boxes for native animals have been achieved under the sponsorship of Connecting Country.  Several properties have been covenanted through Trust for Nature, fire protection forums have been organised and social activities continue.

Grants for various community activities are available but they usually require a formal status to acquire and administer them.  So with the prospect of compiling a “History of the Bushlands”  the incorporation of the Association was a beneficial step.

In June 2012 the Association was awarded a Local History Grant, with this web site being a major component of the history project activity.

For funding the Local History Grant thanks go to:

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