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Recommended suppliers

Handyman, carpentry, grass slashing, chainsawing: Jeremy Ryan

Handyman, carpentry, grass slashing, chainsawing: Jeremy Ryan

Handyman, carpentry, building of small structures such as wood sheds, grass slashing and chainsawing. Jeremy can lift small heavy loads like motors and pumps onto his ute for servicing with a hoist. He has happy customers in Jo and Paul, Ray, Antoinette and Ian and Robin. m: 0407 855 507

Drive grading: John Post

Kim and Mark recommend John Post m: 0409 510 466

Plumber: Malcolm Nancarrow

Kim and Mark recommend Malcolm Nancarrow m: 0417 526 966 e: mnplumb@netcon.net.au

Water tank cleaner

Does anyone know of a good contractor we can contact to clean out water tank for the the first time in 15 years? Cheers, Mark and Kim

DC Fridge Mechanic: Don Charlton

Don Charlton, fixed my DC fridge in minutes.

My DC fridge stopped working the other day. Can be hard to find a local DC fridge mechanic. After a bit of searching and a number of calls with people who couldn’t do the job, was fortunate to connect with Bendigo-based fridge mechanic Don Charlton. Katherine, who answered the phone, was incredibly friendly and helpful. […]

Snakes alive!

Common Brown Snake. Photo by Peter Robertson © Museum Victoria

Summer usually sees the presence of a few snakes in particular locations around the Bushlands.  Most are brown snakes but quite often a tiger snake or two joins the fray. In most instances they can be left to move off to other places but occasionally some may invade buildings and hence require removal.  We are […]

Builder: Denis George

Builder: Denis George

Denis George Phone 5470 5166 (Recommended by Cate Freeman) For any building work I recommend Denis George. He is a great all rounder. A worker of small or large miracles and is very conversant with the Bushlands. To see what he can do, drop by to my place 234 Goldspeck Gully Road anytime! He can […]

Water Carrier: Warrick Harwood, Harcourt

Water Carrier: Warrick Harwood, Harcourt

Warrick Harwood Water Mobile: 0417 036 059 (Recommended by Michael Gillies Smith) Great guy. Great service.     He rang me back the same day and offered to bring the water the next day. $160 for 13,000 litres. Warrick’s is a 13,000 litre water truck, perfect for the Bushlands gravel roads and driveways. Most of […]