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Proposed burn update: Now for fuel reduction not asset protection

Fuel burn_IMG_1370_smThe bushlands reserve on Commissioners Gully Road is now subject to a proposed planned burn sometime between 1 March and 31 May 2017.

The signs recently put up at the reserve read: “Planned Burning Operations in accordance with the Published Fire Operations Plan for the Murray Goldfields District are scheduled in this area between Wednesday 1 March and Wednesday 31 May 2017. Planned Burning in strategic parts of our Forests Parks and Reserves are conducted to minimise the impact of major fires and maintain or improve the resilience of natural ecosystems. This is Burn Number: MGFCAS028”

The reserve was previously subject to a proposed asset protection burn (triggered at the request of a neighbour) that never took place.

We will post updates on the burn status when available.

Presumably the burn will be conducted in the manner described to us previously… see http://chewtonbushlandsassociation.org.au/the-bush/asset-protection-burn-update/

For your interest, an earlier post is at http://chewtonbushlandsassociation.org.au/the-bush/proposed-controlled-asset-protection-burn/

If you have any further queries then contact John Hosking from the Department [m: 0407 438 092 or w: 54704 0056].

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