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18 Wattle road: The big clean up

Francesca and Jill. Well here is our little bit of history, looked around for land for 3 months or so after deciding the coast was too expensive and there were no train stations nearby. I loathe driving so a train was a must. My sister has lived in Bendigo for 30 plus years and Jill is from the Mallee so Castlemaine and its surrounds were for us. As soon as we saw 18 Wattle road we knew we had found a place where we could live and enjoy and look after the land. (the rubbish and caravans were a terrible eyesore but the chance to restore the land and look after it is exciting). We plan to build a 8+ star home with as low carbon footprint as possible and we have to build to BAL (bush fire attack level 4o). All good. Will keep you posted as we start to build, hopefully  in 2013, and as soon as it is built we will be moving up permanently.

Cheers Fran and JIll

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  1. michaelgilliessmith says:

    Dear Fran and Jill,
    Feel free to pick our brains as things progress.
    Your place will be beautiful.

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