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Slow down on our dirt roads meeting

10 am, 20 October at Ken Savage’s place, 20 Wattle Road

A number of Bushlands residents are concerned at the speed of traffic on our dirt roads, whether that of other residents, visitors or through traffic.

Speeds over 35kph can put those walking, other drivers, and kangaroos and other wildlife in danger. Speeds over 35kph also quickly damage the road surface, degrading the suspension of our non 4WD vehicles, and unnecessarily accelerate the frequency of needed road repair work, grading etc. which is itself often delayed.

Road signs are amongst the ways we can encourage drivers to slow-down.

VicRoads are responsible for the speed limit signs on roads throughout the state but will not place them on dirt roads where a 100kph default applies!

The Bushlands residents committee is waiting on the Mount Alexander Shire to follow up on our request for them to place signs advising of sharp bends and wildlife crossings on Bushlands roads — the limit, as we understand it, of their “slow-down related” signage powers.

Residents however, as we understand it, are within their rights to place signage on their property.

With this in mind we are holding a meeting of Bushlands residents on 20 October at 10 am at Ken Savage’s place (20 Wattle Road), to which you are invited, to discuss this issue and consider resident support for placing “slow-down” signage on individual properties.

The task would include determining the wording, the location (on participating residents private property but obviously in view of road traffic), the materials required for and installation of “slow-down” and any other signs.

The plan is then to hold a subsequent sign-making working bee at a time and location yet to be decided.

If you are interested please come along on 20 October or reply email us with your thoughts.

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