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Our 2016/17 AGM

Our 2016/17 AGM

The 2016/17 AGM for the Association was held in the Chewton Town Hall at 7pm on Friday 6 October 2017.  Chewton Bushlands Association 2016/17 AGM Your committee for 2017/18 is: Ken Savage (President), Kate Elliot (Vice president), Mark Carter (Secretary), Karen Baker (Treasurer), along with Charles Affleck, Antoinette Birkenbeil, Mandy Huppert. Contact the secretary of […]

Lot 17: Robyn and Ian Robinson

We had been looking for a property in the country for some time and had become increasingly despondent. After viewing some houses near Castlemaine, on a wet and windy Friday, we visited Glenys Johnson at Waller Realty. Glenys said that she had one place that we might be interested in but that she couldn’t show […]